• This is the year we begin asking our students the big questions: What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? Who do you want to be?

    Young adult students at Lincoln Middle School begin to accept responsibility for their own learning; they become increasingly skilled at objective self-assessment and begin to identify scholastic areas of comfort and strength, along with areas in need of further cultivation.

    Students at Lincoln Middle School are encouraged to ask questions and seek help; they are encouraged to explore the world around them, equally along side their own thoughts and ambitions; they are instilled with a commitment to excellence and a drive to seek and identify new goals, beyond the expectations of teachers and parents; to throw open the gates of their imaginations.

    Sixth grade students enter Lincoln Middle School during a time of rapid emotional, physical and intellectual growth. It is a time when the only constant is change. Together, as faculty, staff, administration and volunteers, we stand ready to aid and guide our students through this remarkable time of transformation. We are privileged to share with them, this dynamic and important period of their lives.



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