Saylesville Elementary School

Dedicated To Excellence In Education


    Daily Student Pick Up: Begins at 3:15 pm

    Driving Directions to the Drop Zone/ Pick Up

    • Starting on Smithfield Ave  

    • Turn onto Grandview Ave 

    • Take a left onto Rockridge Ave  

    • Take a left onto Woodland St

    • Drop off at designated drop off zones.  Park in designated spaces.  

    Do not drive up Woodland and try to take a left onto the bus road in front of the school.  You will be asked to turn around.  

    Stay to the right so traffic can safely pass. 

    Dismissal – Parent Pick Up:

    • Doors open at 3:15 pm when the teachers are ready.
    • Adults picking up a student must be listed on the pick up list and present a photo id.