Attendance Matters
  • Absences & Tardy:

    Please report any absence to the absence line

    at 401-721-3400 by 10am. 

    When leaving a voice message please include your name, phone number, the students full name, grade and the reason for the absence.  

    Students who arrive after 8:00 are considered tardy and must report to the main office.


    ***Only a medical note can excuse an absence and/or tardy***


    Automated phone call notifications are sent to any absence not reported to the absence line.




    Early Dismissal

    • If you need to dismiss your student early, please send a note in with your student.   The note should include the time of pickup and the name of who will be picking up the student. The student should submit the note to the main office in the morning to receive a dismissal pass. 


    • Dismissals that are called in will not have a pass and cannot be called to the office until after you arrive at the school. 


    • Emergency contacts are not permitted to dismiss students without the main office receiving notification from the legal parent/guardian the same day.  Emergency contacts assume temporary care of your child only if you cannot be reached.  This applies to emegencies only.  This does not give the contact permission to pick up the student in non-emergent cases (i.e an anytime pickup)


    A photo ID is required for all student pick-ups!!