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  • Click on the link below for your respective teacher and grade assignments:   

    Lonsdale Distance Learning Weekly Assignments LINK

    Lonsdale Virtual Learning Option:

    Our model of high-quality teaching and learning should drive instructional design, whether students are sitting in front of us or virtually.  This page will contain information for your student regarding distance learning.  Your grade-level assignments will be posted here and updated as needed.  On occasion, we recognize that there may be times when in-person students are kept home on days that they are scheduled to be in school. Your child can participate in class virtually, and attendance will not be impacted. If that is the case, we are asking that parents/guardians please call the school and inform us. This way, we have a record of the fact that parents are aware when their child is accessing school virtually on days when they are scheduled to be in school.

    Daily Wellness Screening:

    • Complete the daily wellness screening on Skyward before your child leaves for school.  Sick students should stay at home.
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