The primary goal of the school counseling program is academic success for all students through the support of the learning process. Counselors strive to promote learning by addressing the developmental needs of students in a proactive and preventative manner. The school counselor delivers services on an individual and group basis throughout the school year. The school counseling program focuses on the needs of the middle school student: academic, social, and personal. Student schedules are constructed in accordance with the prescribed Lincoln Middle School course of study. In addition, students may choose electives in band and chorus in lieu of other related arts classes. Every pupil’s daily schedule is constructed so that needs, interests, and abilities are met. All available means will be used to make certain that you can follow a pattern of studies appropriate to your complete growth and development.


    Request for Counselor Appointments 

    Each student is encouraged to make regular appointments with his/her counselor. The student must obtain and fill out a Request for Counselor Appointment or make appointment arrangements before homeroom. The counselor will then schedule the appointment as soon as possible during the school day. The student is expected to stay in class until the time of the appointment and to return to class as soon as the conference with the counselor is concluded. In some exceptional emergency situations, a student may have to see his/her counselor immediately. In this instance, the student should inform the guidance secretary of the necessity of an immediate appointment and the student will be attended to at the counselor’s availability. 


    Upon entering the Guidance Center, a student is to sign in on the appropriate student sign-in form. All students need to arrive with a pass.



    * Adjustment and changing of schedules

    * Adjustment to the school situation

    * Assistance with academic concerns

    * Assistance with personal and interpersonal concerns

    * Counseling: drug and alcohol-related, personal & family


    Course Changes 

    Middle School philosophy embraces exposing students to a variety of related arts course offerings with the goal of allowing students an opportunity to explore various contents, art forms, skills, and cultures during their time at LMS.  In the event that a student wishes to make a change to their schedule, the student will be allowed to do so only during the first ten (10) days of the school year.  Changes will be made providing that the building schedule allows and there is availability in the class.  Students are to see their guidance counselors for assistance with this process.

    Withdrawals and Transfers

    Upon withdrawal or transfer from the school, a student should: 

    1. Report to the Guidance Center for a withdrawal form. 

    2. Have the withdrawal form signed by his/her parent/guardian, teachers, the nurse, librarian, attendance secretary, counselor, and the appropriate administrator. 

    3. Return the form to the Guidance Center. A transcript of your work will not be sent to the new school until you have completed the prescribed Lincoln Middle School withdrawal procedures. 


    Address Changes

    Students who change their address and/or phone number are to notify the Main Office immediately of said changes.


    Access to Records


    Parent(s)/guardian(s) have the right to inspect and review the student’s education records upon request. A parent or eligible student making this request may do so in writing to the Principal of the building or through the Director of Student Services. The district will afford the parent or eligible student an opportunity to review the records within 45 days. A parent or eligible student may request an amendment of a student’s record through the Director of Student Services. If the district refuses to amend the record, the parent or eligible student may request a hearing through the Director of Student Services. 


    The parent or eligible student may also file a complaint to the Commissioner of Education or to the U.S. Department of Education. Please contact the Director of Student Services if you have any questions. 





    It is the policy of Lincoln Middle School to conform to the provisions of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended. In accordance with applicable laws and regulations, the school provides that all programs, activities, and classes, including laboratories, shops, and technology components, be readily accessible to and usable by all students, teachers, and parents, including individuals with disabilities. Physical facilities including laboratory components, which offer classes in the areas of Art, Technology, Health and Physical Education, and Science, are located on the main floor level in close proximity to other regular education classes. One elevator at Lincoln Middle School provides access to the 1st and 3rd levels. 


    Any individual wishing to obtain information about access to physical facilities or requesting relocation of programs, activities, and/or classes may contact the office of the principal.