World Language


  • Students who enroll in the LMS World Language program acquire language through a comprehensible input-based approach.  This allows students to explore the language in a fun and friendly way that focuses on the systematic instruction of vocabulary in a highly comprehensible, personalized, and contextualized manner. If enrolled, sixth and seventh-grade students take Spanish or French every other day to gain exposure to the language. Select eighth-grade students take Spanish or French every day to prepare them for high school.

    A typical lesson on day one of a unit consists of students seeing a new phrase or phrases on the board, with their English translation. We discuss new phrases and the class collaborates to make up a story, incorporating new expressions. The goal is to keep the conversation/story so comprehensible, engaging, and compelling, that the learner is completely distracted from consciously trying to learn or memorize vocabulary.  There is a lot of questioning, repetition, and laughter since the stories involve students as actors (even dressing up and using props) in the stories. It is fun for students to use language in creative ways! 

    Of course, there is much more to acquiring language, which is why we incorporate reading and writing, and speaking, but only as students are ready.  My goal is to build acquisition and confidence at the novice level. This occurs best in a stress-free and interesting environment. At this level, it is okay for students to make grammatical errors. With time and with more input (listening and reading) of the Spanish language, their accuracy will be refined.    

    Each year, students who are enrolled in the World Language Program have the opportunity to participate in a week-long celebration of world languages and cultures! Past activities have included: a Latin dance workshop, a French crêpe demonstration, a Mexican tamales demonstration, guest speakers, a scavenger hunt, and a trivia competition!