• Performing arts programs at Lincoln Middle School provide young adults an environment where they can learn, become part of a community, express themselves and discover a sense of self. Each program helps students develop listening and communication skills and increases self-confidence.

    Additional to the inherent thrill of performing, skills developed in the performing arts are invaluable to young adult learners and demonstrably affect all areas of school and life extra-curricular life. Renewed imagination and improved critical thinking skills combined with a new sense of personal worth that drives improvement in all academic areas.

    Music education is a vital part of the Lincoln Middle School curriculum. Young adults show innumerable benefits from exposure to music and the concepts of music making and music theory. Music education programs help scholastic development in myriad ways as students not only take inspiration from the music but see lessons from other classes – Math, Science, English, Social Studies – echoed in song. They develop an appreciation for human potential in the musicians they hear and seek to find and realize their own musical gifts.