Mission Statement

  • Lincoln Public Schools is committed to excellence. In partnership with all members of the Lincoln community, we inspire and empower each student to excel personally and intellectually, embrace social and individual responsibility, and lead with integrity.

Core Values

  • Lincoln Middle School Expectations for Student Learning and Social Responsibility

    All students from Lincoln Middle School will:

    • Demonstrate communication skills by:
      • Reading and writing effectively and critically for a  variety of purposes.
      • Listening and speaking effectively in a variety of ways.
      • Demonstrate effective critical thinking and problem solving skills.
      • Demonstrate proficiency in using technology for a variety of purposes (research, communication, and/or design).
      • Demonstrate proficiency in the Fine Arts (music and/or visual arts – structure to be determined by the Fine Arts Department).

Social Expectations

  • Demonstrate the ability to responsibly interact in a diverse community by assuming responsibility for their own behavior, demonstrating the ability to resolve conflicts responsibly, and/or showing respect for the well-being and welfare of others.

Civic Expectations

  • Demonstrate the importance of contributing to the well-being of the community and recognizing their importance as participating members of a democratic society.