• Welcome to Physical Education and Health


    The Health and Physical Education Department offers students the opportunity to grow athletically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially. The required physical education curriculum is standards based and within the framework of the state and national standards. In physical education classes, students will participate in a variety of fitness, team and individual sport activities which require discipline, cooperation, and teamwork. Skills will be practiced and students will be participating in warm-up stations daily. In addition, students will be utilizing the Fitnessgram for assessment of their physical fitness. Students will be graded according to effort, sportsmanship, attitude, cooperation, skill development and the ability to follow class rules and procedures while at the same time demonstrating the school’s core values and beliefs. Competition within a controlled environment is encouraged. Students will also pursue lifetime leisure physical activities that will prepare them for an active lifestyle after high school. Appropriate language and behavior is required from the locker room to the athletic field. Students will be assigned a locker and will have access to a lock. It is highly recommended that all personal items are locked daily. Students who exceed four excused absences will be given an alternative class assignment to make up class time. Students in grades 9-12 will take a semester of a combination of physical education and health each year.

    The following is a sample of physical education activities offered during the four year program:

    Fall & Spring:

    • Archery
    • Soccer
    • Flag Football
    • Softball
    • Tennis/Pickleball Golf
    • Fitness Training
    • Ultimate Frisbee


    • Aerobics/Dance Team Handball
    • Basketball
    • Volleyball
    • Floor Hockey
    • Badminton
    • Weight Training
    • Indoor Soccer

    The required health education curriculum is standard based and taught in Grades 9-12. Our health curriculum has recently been updated to meet the current needs of our students. Students will have health classes each year. Students will be active learners using a variety of learning activities, including discussions, goal setting, research projects, reflective essays, and decision making. Students will study concepts within the framework of the seven Rhode Island Health Standards ranging from understanding information to demonstrating communication skills to advocate for personal and community health. Health content will be delivered in a four year cycle that includes a theme based approach. Issues that are addressed are nutrition, substance abuse prevention, mental health, disease prevention, sexuality and family life, bullying and teen dating violence.

    Other classes offered:

    • Medical Careers and Personal Wellness
    • CPR, AED, Community First Aid and Safety
    • CP First Responder Fitness