• Welcome to Technology Education

    Just as English literacy is necessary for modern life in America, so too is technological literacy. The ability to understand, assess, and use technology is a part of many careers—including many jobs that aren’t based upon technology, but use technological innovation to accomplish other ends. From the automotive to the building trades, it is a part of everyday business. With the emergence of systematized science, the rate at which technology is created and adapted has dramatically increased. Students today grow up in worlds entirely different from those experienced hardly a generation ago.

    Technology is fundamentally about solving problems—applying knowledge and creativity in order to design a product or system that meets a need. Technology education, therefore, encourages students to examine their environments and develop alternatives and solutions. Those who excel in these skills may go on to become inventers and innovators, engineers and entrepreneurs; their technological problem-solving abilities will result in a more productive use of resources, thus freeing up other resources to meet more needs throughout our economy.

     Classes offered:

    • Automotive Technology I
    • Automotive Technology II
    • Automotive Technology III
    • Automotive Technology Apprenticeship
    • Small Engines Technology


    • Introduction to Engineering Design I
    • Principles of Engineering Design II
    • Architectural Engineering & Design
    • Design and Engineering Capstone
    • Computer Animation I
    • Computer Animation II 
    • Robotics and Automation


    • Basic House Wiring
    • House Wiring 2
    • Woodworking Technologies 1/2
    • Woodworking Technologies 1
    • Construction Technologies
    • Fabrication Technologies
    • Woodturning

    Design and Engineering CTE

    Projected Job Outlook
    Per the RI Department of Labor and Training Occupational Outlook 2024, demand for architects and engineers is expected to grow 7.7% from 2014-2024. There are many other industries that benefit from people with engineering backgrounds and skills.

    Salary Information
    Salary depends on the specific technician field entered. Salaries range from $67,620 a year as a civil engineer technician to Aerospace technician making $84,800 per year, with the average wage of $70,570 per the US Department of Labor.

    “The program is much more than what you expect. It allows for you to create anything you can imagine in the software. It's about finding solutions to real-world problems.” - Caroline

    “This program expands your mind and creativity and really helps you become a problem-solver. Can't wait to be an engineer!" - Isabella

    “A career in engineering offers a multitude of employment opportunities that allows an innovative and creative mind to flourish. “ – Leslie, Town Engineer


    For further information about the Design and Engineering CTE program and the course requirements please click here for our CTE page, or click to read our Program of Studies.


    Iron Lions - LHS Robotics

    Lincoln High School has a successful Robotics Club that competes and provides unique experiences for future engineers and tech enthusiasts. Click Here to visit their website to learn more, and see all their successful works!