• Welcome to Family Consumer Science


    The Family and Consumer Sciences program is designed to prepare students to function independently and interdependently in individual, family, community and work roles.

    Class Offered:

    • CP Food and Nutrition I
    • CP Food and Nutrition II
    • CP ServSafe Management & Culinary Practices
    • CP Baking & Pastry Arts
    • Culinary Internship
    • Textile Arts
    • Fashion Construction I
    • Fashion Construction II
    • Child Development I
    • Child Development II
    • Early Childhood Teaching and Learning

    Culinary Arts CTE

    LHS Culinary Arts CTE Program delivers a rigorous and engaging program to our students with work-based learning opportunities with our state-of-the-art kitchens and food truck "The Lion's Mane". Read more about our CTE programs here: Click here