National Business Honor Society

    Advisor: Cheryl Murray

    Students may earn the National Business Honor Society (NBHS) distinction if he/she is a junior or senior, has completed three or more business classes by the end of junior year and has earned an overall 3.0 GPA in all business classes. In addition, the student must have a cumulative weighted average of 3.0 or a cumulative unweighted GPA of 3.5.


    Community Partnership

    The Lincoln High School Business Department and Navigant Credit Union have established a community partnership whereby Navigant Credit Union will promote financial literacy by offering an incentive to students that enroll in Personal Finance. In addition, Navigant Credit Union will assist with organizing and funding field trips, guest speakers, FBLA Competitions, opportunities for job shadowing/mentoring, and notification of part-time/summer employment opportunities.


    5273 CP Personal Finance 1 Credit Prerequisite: None

    **This course meets the RI graduation requirement that all students starting with the class of 2024 demonstrate proficiency in financial literacy.

    EEP Credit at Rhode Island College for the Finance 230 class. Students can earn Financial Literacy Certification through Everfi. Potential Credits at New England Institute of Technology

    Millennials will likely need between $1.8 and $2.5 million dollars to retire. Additionally, 34% of millennials live with their parents, 70% of millennials are anxious and stressed about saving for retirement and 76% of millennials lack “basic” financial knowledge according to the US Census Bureau’s current data. Don’t let this be you!

    This course is recommended for students in their senior year and will help students to become financially literate before heading into the world. Topics of study include but are not limited to managing careers and money, managing credit and resources, and providing financial security. Students will create a personal financial planning guide where they create a budget based on a current industry salary, pay taxes, buy a home, a car, manage student loan debt, credit cards, and monthly living expenses, as well as learn retirement options.


    5293 CP ½ Personal Finance ½ Credit

    Prerequisite: None

    ** This course meets the RI graduation requirement that all students starting with the class of 2024 demonstrate proficiency in financial literacy.

    **Students can earn Financial Literacy Certification through Everfi.

    Did you know that 24% of adults aged 18 to 34 could only answer four out of five questions correctly in a financial literacy quiz? Don't be illiterate when it comes to your finances! Take this project-based course so you can learn how to budget your hard-earned money, make your savings and investments earn the highest return, create and maintain a high credit score, meet credit card payment obligations, and finally, learn how to most effectively manage risk.


    5483 CP Computers in Management ½ Credit Prerequisite: None

    Fulfills computer requirement for International Business CTE. Students can earn Microsoft Office Specialist Core Certification in Word, and/or Excel.

    Did you know that many companies require Excel proficiency for employment? Enhance your resume with this class as it will introduce students to various technologies and will also provide students with the skill necessary to meet 21st Century Technology Standards. Students will develop and/or enhance their Microsoft Office computer skills by completing step-by-step exercises that teach them necessary Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Desktop Publishing skills. Progressive activities and projects help beginning and advanced students to practice and reinforce skills in both real-world business situations and cross-curricular academics with the goal of using technology effectively and efficiently in order to save time—a hot commodity in today’s fast-paced world! 


    5083 CP College/Career Planning For Seniors ½ Credit Prerequisite: None

    The pressure is on! This course is a must for seniors who plan to apply for postsecondary education. It will also prove helpful for the parents. During phase one of this course, students will learn the ins and outs about the college admissions process and the steps and timelines to apply to college—student/parent/guidance responsibilities, how to request a transcript, how to secure letters of recommendation, and how to send standardized test scores. During phase two, students will explore various majors and careers and then research which colleges will be the best fit for them. Phase three will teach students how to properly and accurately fill out the various pieces of the college application and students will be given class time to complete their applications and essays.  Phase four will familiarize students with college financing—the FAFSA, CSS Profile, loans and grants available as well as require students to research potential scholarships. The last phase will prepare students for college and work life. Students will create a resume and guest speakers will be invited to discuss the importance of credit, campus security and how to be a successful freshman student.


    5063 CP Business Basics 1 Credit

    Prerequisite: None

    3 Potential New England Institute of Technology credits 

    Enjoy the world of business in a relaxing and stimulating environment as students learn and apply what they learn to real-life situations. It provides students with a basic understanding of our economic system, banking, investing, marketing, entrepreneurship, career exploration, and budgeting. Course formerly was called Introduction to Business.


    5283 CP Leadership & Management 1 Credit Prerequisite: None

    EEP Credit at Rhode Island College for the Management 100 class

    This course offers students a comprehensive, relevant perspective on leadership and management. While the course provides grounding in important concepts, it also stresses application to professional and community settings. Students analyze concepts such as leading as an interactive process (involving the leader, the "followers", and the situation), managing with innovation and creativity, escaping from embedded practices, and embracing new managerial principles. Successful completion of this course fulfills a requirement in the International Business CTE Program.


    5153 CP Financial & Managerial Accounting 1 Credit Prerequisite: None

    Can be considered the fourth Mathematics credit at LHS & EEP at Rhode Island College for Accounting 201. Potential Credits at CCRI and New England Institute of Technology

    Pop culture tends to portray an unsavory picture of accountants, like in “Parks and Recreation”, but accountants have a lot of job security according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics; over 140,000 new accounting and auditing jobs will open up by 2026. This rigorous college-level course introduces business decision making accounting information systems. Emphasis is on analyzing, summarizing, reporting, interpreting financial information and managerial and cost accounting. Upon completion, students should be able to prepare financial statements, understand the role of financial information on decision-making, analyze and interpret transactions relating to managerial concepts and address ethical considerations.


    5213 CP Marketing & Social Media 1 Credit Prerequisite: None

    This course studies the interacting business activities designed to plan, price, promote and distribute want satisfying products and services to acquaint students with the present-day challenges of marketing activities that include customer value and satisfaction, branding and positioning, marketing research, and consumer behavior.


    5043 CP Sports & Entertainment Marketing ½ Credit Prerequisite: None

    Explore the intriguing world of sports and entertainment from the perspective of marketing. This course covers such topics as college and amateur sports, professional sports, public images, marketing entertainment, marketing plans, and legal issues. Emphasis will be placed on the following principles as they apply to the industry: branding, licensing, and naming rights, business foundations, concessions and on-site merchandising, economic foundations;, promotion, and sports law. Work-based learning strategies appropriate for this course include school based enterprises, marketing simulations, projects, FBLA integration, meetings, conferences, and field trips will be utilized.


    5103 CP Public Speaking ½ Credit Prerequisite: None

    Whether you like speaking or fear speaking, you will benefit from this class. This activity-based course provides students with the skills to speak comfortably and effectively in a variety of settings. It is especially helpful as students prepare for Exhibition, a graduation requirement. Students will gain confidence to present powerful presentations as they learn the theories and techniques of effective oral communication in a variety of speaking situations. This course stresses planning and preparation as well as delivery, and it will develop listening skills as students will self-evaluate and peer-evaluate organized presentations. This course also enforces the need to communicate clearly and concisely in the fast pace of today’s highly competitive technology-driven global economy.


    5253 CP Criminal Justice 1 Credit Prerequisite: None

    Potential Credits at New England Institute of Technology, Required for Law and Public Safety CTE Program

    Love those crime shows on TV? Interested in a career in Law Enforcement, Courts or Corrections? This course will introduce students to the exciting world of criminal justice. With the opportunity to earn CTE accreditation on the diploma, students will have the advantage to enter an industry that employs over 2.5 million people. This course will take students on a tour from law enforcement to corrections and beyond. Students will hear from guest speakers working in the industry and will take an exciting field trip to the ACI (Rhode Island Prison). Students also have the opportunity to get a head start on their college education for free, by earning credit from New England Institute of Technology.


    5353 CP Law and Order 1 Credit       

    Prerequisite: Criminal Justice

    Required for Law and Public Safety CTE Program. 

    Take a look at the dark side of the criminal mind. You will investigate theories that explain why serial killers and gang     members do what they do. Put yourself in the shoes of law enforcement officials who have to investigate and apprehend those criminals. You will learn what it takes to be a law enforcement official, and to communicate and work with citizens in a community. You will also have the opportunity to take a state level examination to earn a nationally recognized certification, the National Law and Public Safety Core Assessment, to earn a nationally recognized certification that will give you an advantage over other Law officers applicants. This course will be supported by guest speakers from the industry and field trips to the ACI and Police Academy.


    5133 CP International Business I ½ Credit Prerequisite: None

    Required for International Business CTE Program

    With globalization of the world economy, there has been a rise in the number of companies that operate internationally and this introductory course will provide students with insights into the global economic and business climates that currently exist. Topics of study include the implications of globalization and cultural differences, understanding the implications of operating across national borders, learning how firms operate in different markets and analyzing different international strategies and organizational structures.


    5243 CP International Business II ½ Credit         

    Prerequisite: International Business I

    Required for International Business CTE Program

    This course provides an overview of the unique problems faced by firms engaging in international activities; the importance of understanding the foreign economic, social, political, cultural, and legal environment; the mechanics of importing and exporting; joint venture, franchising, and subsidiaries, international dimensions of management, marketing and accounting, international financial management; the special problems of multinational corporations and recent problems of the international economic system.


    5203 CP Entrepreneurship- Shark Tank 1 Credit Prerequisite: None

    Immerse yourself in the world of entrepreneurship as you learn to start and operate your own business. Students will develop the kinds of interests, attitudes, skills, and characteristics that are essential to be a successful entrepreneur. The ultimate goal? Pitch your product or service to a panel of fellow “sharks” who will decide whether or not your company is worthy enough to invest in.


    5073 CP Real Estate, Homes & Loans ½ Credit Prerequisite: None

    This course will cover the day-to-day operations from the viewpoint of the real estate salesperson. The topics covered include: listing, prospecting, advertising, financing, sales techniques, escrow, ethics and will touch upon some Rhode Island Real Estate law. This class introduces some of the material that will be covered in the Rhode Island Sales Pre-license course, a mandatory course for anyone wishing to get their Rhode Island Real Estate license. Additional topics will include property ownership rights and responsibilities, financing options and appraisal.

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