• Second Grade introduces new challenges for learners at Lonsdale Elementary School. Many important developmental milestones take place as students begin to apply their new academic skills to more diverse subjects. Young learners come to understand the value of language in writing and a higher level of complexity in understanding concepts. They place value in numbers and the power of mathematics, and this knowledge helps to light up their academic world in new and exciting ways.

    The Power of Words

    Young readers begin to experience books with a fluency that allows their minds to see and construct new meaning from words on a page. They also begin to understand how writers use words and the rules that govern that usage. That new understanding can be seen in their own writing. Second graders go from writing one page ideas about themselves, to writing stories that are several pages long.

    Second grade is time of rapid scholastic growth, when learners develop independence and responsibility for their own learning and see how their work and ideas contribute to their environment.