• Procedures

    • Instructional Time is 8:50 am to 3:10 pm.  Students need to be in attendance every day they are healthy.  Our doors open at 8:40 am, and students should be IN their rooms ready to learn at 8:50 am.  Dismissal begins at 3:15 pm.  Students should remain in class until dismissal time each day, and not be picked up early unless there is an appointment or an emergency.  Students who are late for school or picked up early are counted absent for those instructional minutes, and although it may only feel like a few minutes here or a few minutes there, they add up over time.  When your child is late for school, they must play catch up as soon as they get here.  When your child is picked up early, they miss out on instruction.

      Please make it a priority for your child to attend full days every day of school they are healthy. 

      The most efficient way for students to get to and from school is by riding the bus.  If your child is eligible for bus service, we recommend taking advantage of the the Lincoln Public Schools busing provided by First Student.

      If you choose to drop your child(ren) off and pick up to and from school, kindly utilize one of three parking lots: the church lot, our front lot closest to Great Road, or the lot adjacent to the fenced-in playground area.   Your child(ren) should be brought to our main entrance (Door A3) or the side front doors (A1).

      If you choose to pick your child up from school... INFO COMING SOON.

      Please do not pull into the front of the school.  This is a bus route only during arrival and dismissal. Thank you for following this procedure.