• Late Arrival

    If you arrive late, please be sure to walk your child into the school.  Please provide Mrs. Arena with your child's name, grade and teacher.  If you have a medical note that you would like to share, please give it to Mrs. Arena.  


    Early Dismissal

    If you plan to dismiss you child early from school, kindly send a note to your child's teacher.  To ensure a timely departure, please be sure to include the following information: Child's first AND last name, grade, teacher, time you need your child to be ready for departure and your printed name and signature. If someone other than you (parents/guardians) will be picking up your child, please include the first and last name of the individual.  We will ALWAYS ask for identification (valid license or state id).  Please click HERE to download printable fill-in-the-blank style Lincoln Central notes.