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Health and PE


  • The Lonsdale Elementary School Health & Physical Education team provide a safe, respectful and friendly environment for students to learn healthy habits, in active, fun and challenging ways. We approach student health and physical wellness as part of a continuum that effects a child’s ability to learn. The promotion of healthy physical and mental habits, along with cooperation and sportsmanship, help our students student develop skills that benefit their development in the classroom and, indeed, all areas of life. Health & Physical Education is a crucial part of every child’s development.

    We are always available to consult with parents and guardians, and enjoy working as a team to foster a safe and respectful school climate at Lonsdale Elementary.

    Project Unified 

    Lonsdale School is the first elementary school in Lincoln to partner with Special Olympics RI as part of the Unified Champion Schools (UCS) program. UCS is a strategy used to promote a positive and inclusive environment for all students.  UCS promotes social inclusion by bringing together students with and without disabilities through sports and other activities under the premise that youth are the agents of lasting change

    As part of this initiative, Lonsdale’s PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Support) program and Unified Champion Schools program featured activities in physical education classes that gave students an idea of what it feels like to face a challenge doing ordinary tasks. Members of the Lincoln Middle School’s Unified Basketball Team have been invited to speak about their experiences. During the week of March 25-29 Lonsdale School, wide USC Awareness week focused on awareness and education activities for the entire school that promotes respect and social inclusion for all students.

    The Unified Champion Activities Week was coordinated by Lonsdale’s PBIS Leadership Team which includes, Frank Almstrom, Physical Education Teacher,  Cheryl LaRiviere, 4th-grade teacher, and Shannon McComisky, Social Worker. PBIS Student Leaders, Grade 4 Luke Cavanaugh and Colton Henderson, 5th grade Anna Longpre and, Neala Bentley and Cameron DeSousa also assisted in the weekly activity.