• The Lincoln School Committee is composed of seven non-partisan members, five who are elected by Council voting districts of the Town and two who are elected from the Town at large.  Each member serves a four year term. The four year terms are staggered so that no more than four new members can be elected at any one time.  The school committee meets once per month during the school year, normally on the second Monday of each month.


    The Lincoln School Committee has established these goals in order to help the school district flourish and continue to be a source of pride in the community.
    1.    The Lincoln School Committee will develop and implement a Communication Plan to strengthen its partnership with parent/families and the community in order to support student achievement.
    2.    The Lincoln School Committee will support the assessment of the district’s early childhood program through the Bright Stars application process as an important step in the expansion of PreK opportunities in the Lincoln Public Schools.

    Lincoln School Committee Bylaws - Adopted August 24, 2021
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