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DRAFT Reentry Plan

Greetings Lincoln Educational Stakeholders,

Our administrative team and district reentry task force has been working hard to try and create a DRAFT school reentry plan that is safe for our students, faculty and staff.  Our goal was to create a draft plan that is operationally feasible under the current RIDOH and RIDE guidelines while taking into consideration the many moving parts that an altered schedule would present for our parents/guardians.  After analyzing our survey results and receiving some follow-up emails and feedback from parents, we thought it would be important to not only explain the DRAFT version of our reentry plans but also to hear some input from the school community.

Please read through this message carefully as it contains important information such as our DRAFT reentry plan, links to a Zoom meeting and links to the reopening plans and FAQs from the RI Department of Education.

I would like to hold a virtual district-wide community forum on 7/15/2020 from 6:00-7:30 PM to hear from our stakeholders in creating this important plan.  Our plan is due for submission to the RI Department of Education on 7/17.  They will review the plan and with the help of the consulting group RIDE hired (DM Group from Boston), they will assist in making recommendations.