• Lincoln High School Journalism and Broadcast students create content on various platforms to provide news, announcements, and various types of digital media.

    The Lion’s Roar

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    The Lion’s Roar is published monthly, with two exceptions, and is distributed free to all Lincoln High School students and staff. The deadline for placing advertisements is the 20th of every month prior to the next published edition. The Lion’s Roar reserves the right to accept or reject any advertisement but does not investigate or verify any claims including claims of compliance with LHS’s codes and standards made on these pages. The appearance of advertising in The Lion’s Roar in no way implies endorsement or approval by The Lion’s Roar or any paid message.

    The content of The Lion’s Roar is produced by the students of Lincoln High School. Lincoln High School shall not be liable for any errors, inaccuracies or delays in content, or for any actions taken in reliance thereon. Editorials, opinions and letters to the editor expressed on our pages do not necessarily represent the official opinion of Lincoln High School.

    The Broadcast Center

    YouTube Channel / Morning Announcements

    The Broadcast Center is the hub of morning announcements and original video productions by Lincoln High School students. Students in Broadcast Advisory produce the morning shows, while students enrolled in Broadcast Journalism create, produce and direct short videos, public service announcements, news packages and features for the school community. As the center expands, students hope to produce live sports coverage streamed on the internet as well as on our closed circuit television system. Mrs. Doreen Picozzi is the Advisor.

    Journalism and Broadcast Academy

    The Lincoln High School Journalism and Broadcast Academy (JBA) provides students with a strong foundation for those who wish to pursue careers in journalism, including broadcast journalism, or communications. The JBA curriculum includes all aspects of career components in journalism, such as journalism ethics, news writing and reporting, interview and research skills, layout and design, set and lighting design, and broadcasting technology.

    Students who complete the JBA graduate with strong written and oral communication skills in addition to technical skills in publishing and video production. Thanks to strong partnerships with local colleges/universities and media professionals, students are mentored and guided by journalists in various stages of professional development. Before completing academy requirements, they are also offered the opportunity to take Adobe Certification Exams in programs including, but not limited to, InDesign, Premiere Pro, and PhotoShop. These professional certifications demonstrate proficiency in technical knowledge and skills.

    Students enrolled in the JBA must earn a minimum of three and a half (3.5) course credits in order to complete the JBA successfully. At least three (3) of those credits must be from among the Journalism courses listed below:

    • Introduction to Journalism, 1 credit
    • Advanced Journalism, 1 credit
    • Topics in Journalism, 1 credit
    • Broadcast Journalism, 1 credit

    At least one half credit must come from among the journalism courses above, or from the following semester long options:

    • URI WRT 104, ½ credit
    • Public Speaking, ½ credit
    • Multi-genre Writing, ½ credit
    • Film Studies, ½ credit
    • Film Production, ½ credit
    • Drama Workshop, ½ credit
    • Current Events, ½ credit
    • Multimedia Productions, ½ credit

    Students who fulfill the requirements of the JBA receive recognition at Senior Class Awards Night and at a ceremony in May of their senior year and a colored graduation cord that signifies their completion of the academy.