Welcome to Business Education



    If you haven’t taken a business course in the last few decades, you will be pleasantly surprised at how business education across the nation has transformed. No more are the days where a student takes a business course to prepare themselves for the workforce. Instead, business courses prepare students to succeed in a global economy by providing learning experiences which combine academic, technical, and employ-ability skills. At LHS, our business education courses make a significant and vital contribution to the academic and career preparation of all students by providing rigorous and relevant courses of study, aligned to the Common Core and National Business Education standards. According to nbea.org, students who take business courses enhance their higher order thinking skills, analytical skills, essential computational skills, writing and reading skills, and technology skills. At LHS, we help students to become college and career ready by showing them how to take advantage of their personal strengths, talents, education, and experiences which will bring value to the workplace and the community through their performance, skill, diligence, ethics, and responsible behavior. Finally, we pride ourselves in teaching our students essential life skills such as personal finance to help them positively contribute to a sound, globally competitive economy, as well as how to use technology efficiently and effectively for personal and career use, and finally, how to apply the various skills learned such as law, marketing, public speaking and entrepreneurship to various personal and professional situations.

    COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP with Navigant Credit Union
    The Lincoln High School Business Department and Navigant Credit Union have established a community partnership whereas Navigant Credit Union will promote financial literacy by offering an incentive to students that enroll in Personal Finance. In addition, Navigant Credit Union will assist with organizing and funding field trips, guest speakers, FBLA Competitions, opportunities for job shadowing/mentoring, and notification of part-time/summer employment opportunities.

    Courses Offered:

    • Personal Finance
    • Computer Toolbox
    • Microsoft Office Specialist
    • College/Career Planning for Undergrades
    • College/Career Planning for Seniors
    • Introduction to Business
    • College Business
    • College Accounting
    • Marketing
    • Sports Marketing
    • Public Speaking
    • Criminal Justice
    • Law and Order
    • International Business I and II
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Cars, Home, and Loans

    The purposes of the National Business Honor Society is to:

    • Promote and recognize academic achievement in business education at the secondary level
    • Foster and recognize leadership skills and character development
    • Help members grow ethically and socially by promoting and encouraging an interest in business
    • Encourage member involvement in service learning initiatives

    The National Business Honor Society is:

    • A way to enhance student’s college, scholarship, and employment applications
    • A positive addition to every student’s portfolio or resume
    • An opportunity to increase the visibility of your business program
    • The premier National Business Honor Society sponsored by the National Business Education Association

    Membership Requirements:

    • Current enrollment in or completion of third business course by end Jr year
    • National minimum standard GPA (on a 4.0 scale): 3.5 in business classes; 3.0 overall
    • Selection by local membership committee